Braces Newcastle

Dr Vaughan provides a wide range of effective orthodontic treatments at his rooms in Broadmeadow, Newcastle. If braces are the right option for you, we can advise you on the most effective approach. There are over 150 different models of brackets available each claiming to be the best. The difference in orthodontic work is in the operator, not the type of bracket used.

Clear Braces

Also known as invisible braces, clear braces are made from ceramics, designed for a better cosmetic appearance. We provide clear braces to all our patients with no extra charge because we feel that if you look good you feel good, and if you feel good you will enjoy your braces experience. Why used old fashioned metal braces when you have an alternative?


We find that patients respond better to treatment with clear braces due to a number of reasons:

  • Patients are proud of their braces and teeth and care for them better.
  • Patients are happy to keep their braces on until we achieve the optimum result.
  • Clear braces make it easier for the orthodontist to see the teeth. I have no doubt this produces a better result. Clear vision is everything.
  • Clear braces are not as strong as metal braces. If the orthodontist applies too much force they break, which helps to protect the patient from excessive forces.


The good news for patients is that these modern braces are a suitable and highly effective choice in almost all cases. You can still have a great smile throughout your braces treatment.

Edgewise Braces

Edgewise braces have become the standard in the orthodontic world and are used by virtually all orthodontists.


Almost all braces on the market are variations on the standard Edgewise braces. There are well over 150 different models available, each claiming to be the best. The difference in orthodontic work is in the operator, not the type of bracket used. If any dentist or orthodontist claim their braces give them a superior edge, this claim should be questioned. If one model was superior, the rest of the profession would not ignore this fact, and other brands would not remain on the market.


In particular I would caution patients about the claims made by some dentists using brackets capable of treating a patient in half the time. Like other claims, if this was true, it would be used by every orthodontist and dentist for treatment.


Whether you need braces for your children or you require adult braces, there is a wide range of options available. For a treatment plan that suits your needs, call us on  4956 2020 or send us an enquiry to arrange a  consultation with Doctor Vaughan today.

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