Oral Health

Oral Health is General Health


There is increasing evidence of associations between your oral health and your general health. Having healthy gums has been shown to lower your risk of having cardiovascular (heart) disease, having better diabetic control, and in the case of pregnant women – a lowered risk of pre-eclampsia, low birth weight, and even pre-term birth.


Fresh Breath


The causes of bad breath can be many: diet, short-term viral infections, diabetes, or kidney and liver diseases, but the most common and largest cause of bad breath is the bacteria that reside in the mouth and nose.


There are some interesting statistics about bad breath. Most people who have bad breath have no idea they have it, and a small percentage of people who think that they have bad breath really don’t. Breathing into your hand to try and smell your breath is not a great way to smell your breath. The only real way you can confirm bad breath is by involving someone else.


It can be complicated. If every mouth has a bacterial colony why do some people get bad breath and others don’t? The solution to the problem might be easier than you think – so if you’re concerned about your breath, Dr Mass will be more than happy to help solve your problems.




Fluoride is important for people of all ages! Adult teeth start to develop when we are just a few months old and continue throughout childhood. At this age, any fluoride you ingest is incorporated into the tooth structure and creates a stronger tooth that is less susceptible to cavities.


It is important not to ingest too much fluoride at a young age because the teeth can develop white or yellow spots and have a mottled appearance. Once your adult teeth are present, fluoride plays a different role. With everyday eating and drinking, the outer surface of our teeth are constantly de-mineralizing and re-mineralizing.


When there is fluoride present in the saliva it is incorporated into the outer tooth surface and once again makes a much stronger, cavity resistant compound. You do not run the risk of getting white spots or mottled looking teeth once they are already erupted; it occurs solely during development.


People who are prone to cavities or have lots of pre-existing dental work are great candidates for fluoride treatment. It is a cheap and easy way to prevent getting new cavities or decay around existing restorations.

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