Dental crowns and bridges are both effective restorative treatments.  Our  crowns and bridges are matched to your smile and bite relationship by our dental professionals, so they can return your smile to its former health and aesthetics.  Sometimes teeth become damaged beyond what a simple filling can repair, whether it be due to decay, trauma, or due to the teeth not developing properly as a child. At Live Live Smiling, our dentists have more than 50 years combined experience in restorative dentistry. Repairing and strengthening teeth with dental crowns or bridges to ensure that they are able to last a significant time longer than they otherwise would have.

Dental crowns  encase the whole tooth and are made from a special porcelain or ceramic which ensures they are invisible and look at.   Because we can control the shape, size, and colour of the dental crowns – they will often look better than the original!

We use only local Newcastle and Australian companies in the construction of our dental crowns, which resists against an industry-wide trend for this sort of work to be outsourced to Asian countries. This ensures excellent quality control and a restoration which should last many years.

In order to place a crown, our dentist will use special instruments to polish back the outer layer of your tooth. They then take a digital scan (no more gooey impressions!) of the teeth and send it to one of our partner dental laboratories, where master technicians will personally design and fabricate a bespoke crown which fits and looks just like a natural tooth.

Our Dentists vast experience ensure that every patient that visits us leaves well informed and confident that we can meet their needs.

Crowns Inserted in Teeth | Crowns in Newcastle Dental Clinic

If you would like to discuss crowns or bridges  or obtain a beautiful new smile, please give us a call!