Laser dentistry is a fast-evolving development in dentistry, at the cutting-edge of what science can perform. Our Newcastle Laser Dentists can use our dental lasers to treat many dental problems, sometimes WITHOUT DRILLS, NEEDLES, OR SCALPELS. Lasers are designed to perform procedures without damaging healthy tissue, which means shorter healing times, less damage to teeth and gums, and much less pain compared to drills and scalpels.


The development in dental laser technology has benefited a number of different dental specialisations, including cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, root canal therapy, and even fillings. Newcastle Laser Dentists are trained on three different types of lasers (Nd:YAG, Er:YAG, Diode) to ensure you experience the best possible outcomes, without the discomfort and anxieties that dental drills and needles often give.

Even better, dental lasers can sterilise and clean the tissues as they work! This means that our laser dentists can ensure that any disease is treated even better than it might be using conventional methods.


The use of dental lasers can minimise or in some cases completely eliminate the need for our laser dentists to use needles and dental drills. With lasers we have the ability to perform many different procedures without the common discomfort associated with needles and drills. For patients who might find the thought of needles distressing, this is a way that we can achieve your treatment without anxiety.

Laser Dentistry in Newcastle


The use of laser equipment is completely safe and can be extremely beneficial when considering the results and overall outcomes. Dental lasers have widened the ability to make dentistry more comfortable for patients and often improves results. Treatment time is often shortened with better outcomes.


For treatments such as reshaping gum lines, the replacement of a traditional scalpel for a dental laser can provide many benefits. Due to the pinpoint accuracy of lasers, the soft tissues in your mouth can often heal faster than if they were treated with a scalpel. Our Newcastle Laser Dentists can often provide you with a dental treatment that is often bloodless and pain-free.


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