Associate Professor Peter Vaughan has over 30 years’ experience in his speciality field. He has given lectures and presentations to a number of national and international orthodontic conferences around the world and continues to receive many invitations. This is recognition of the care and detail he has put into achieving the outcomes he is renowned for. To this end he was appointed the Associate Professor of Orthodontics in the Facility of Medicine and Dentistry at James Cook University.

At Live Life Smiling we use clear braces for all our patients. We have no doubt that clear braces allow us to achieve better results

  • After treatment is completed, we invite patients to keep returning for retention checks. This enables us to care for your new wonderful smile.
  • During treatment we see our patients more frequently than some orthodontic practices. Generally, the time between visits is 3-6 weeks. This means we can move teeth with gentler pressure which is healthier for the teeth. This also means less discomfort for the patient and we believe treatment will be quicker.
  • We maintain an excellent standard of sterilising and cross infection control. We employ more nursing staff than is required, in order to maintain our high standard of cross infection control.
  • The parents and carers of children are always welcome into the surgery at every visit. This way they stay well informed of the progress of treatment and can easily ask any questions. They can also monitor the quality of our care.
  • We also provide excellent dental hygiene services. Patients have their orthodontic wires removed for a better clean of the teeth, this also allows us to monitor the dental health of the teeth while undergoing treatment. Our hygiene services can be up to an hour in length, so the teeth are well looked after.

We offer payment plans to work with you and your budget and also offer the services of DentiCare, a payment solutions partner we work with if needed, to provide an affordable payment plan solution. In some instances you may even be able to access your Superannuation. Of course this is an approval process you would need to find out more about with your superannuation fund. Professor Vaughan strongly believes that a healthy and beautiful smile should be accessible to everyone

We don’t like extracting teeth for orthodontic treatment, just as much as our patients don’t like having teeth extracted! Professor Vaughan will only ever discuss extracting teeth on patients who absolutely have no other choice. He will then use his unique expert skillset to achieve exemplary results for patients who may have otherwise believed they could have only been treated with the extraction of teeth.

If you or your child are interested in having a beautiful smile with facial harmony, please give us a call, send us an email, or make an appointment.