When wisdom teeth aren’t coming through the gums properly, or when there isn’t enough space for them, significant pain, infection, and sometimes damage to adjacent teeth can result. Here at Live Life Smiling in Newcastle we extract wisdom teeth on our patients from all over the Hunter in as careful and pain-free manner as possible, ensuring that these teeth cause as few problems to you as possible.

The pain that results from wisdom teeth not fitting in the mouth is the main cause for patients to see our Newcastle dentists. This pain can be caused by infection around the gums of the tooth, decay or cavities forming in the tooth, or by the wisdom tooth ‘eating away’ the tooth in front as it doesn’t have space to erupt into the mouth.

If left untreated, these issues can spread and cause problems much greater than they started – infected wisdom teeth can often lead to patients having to go to hospital for emergency treatment.

Many of our Newcastle patients come to see us after other dentists have told them to have their wisdom teeth extracted under a general anaesthetic (where they’re put to sleep), because they may not have the expertise or experience to safely extract wisdom teeth under local anaesthetic in their clinic. This works for some patients however the costs of this can add up quickly when you consider private hospital fees, a specialist anaesthetist, and the surgical fees on top of that. With our Newcastle dentists though many cases like these can avoid such high costs by having your wisdom teeth extracted efficiently and safely when you’re awake using local anaesthetic.

Dr Joanne Richardson has more than 30 years experience with complex extractions of wisdom teeth, and performs all of her work with local anaesthesia in the dental chair. Her extensive experience means that the teeth are quickly and safely removed whilst the patient is completely numb and feels no pain.

Wisdom Tooth Pushing Teeth and Causing Pain in a Patient in Newcastle

If you, or we, believe that your wisdom teeth require removal whilst you’re asleep, we can arrange a general anaesthetic at one of several local private hospitals. We also maintain very close relationships with several Newcastle specialist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons who are able to extract wisdom teeth which pose a high risk to the patient or for those with certain medical conditions.