If you are looking for an alternative to braces then the Orthocaps and Invisalign aligner system may be for you. Dr Vaughan has undergone specific training and is a highly qualified Orthocaps and Invisalign professional.

Orthocaps Twin Aligners System

The Orthocaps system comprises two sets of a transparent aligners. Each set is made from a separate material and exerts a different amount of pressure. This innovation is called TwinAligner. During the day hardCAPS aligners work imperceptibly while you go about your personal and professional life.


At night, whether you are asleep or simply less active, softoCAPS aligners take over for continuous orthodontic correction.


Orthocap aligners are individually made by tertiary trained technicians in Hamm Germany. They work closely with the Orthodontist to produce a superior quality aligner system tailored to each patient.


They are worn 24 hours a day and only removed to eat and clean teeth.


Invisalign uses clear removable aligners, similar to bleaching trays or retainers. To manufacture the aligners, the orthodontist takes a 3-dimensional image of the teeth in the mouth which is then sent to the Invisalign factory in Costa Rica Mexico.


After Dr Vaughan writes up his prescription for the ideal tooth positions and machines manufacture aligners made from 3-dimensional models of the teeth.


The computer then determines how many aligners are required from those models and the length of treatment. When a patient is ready to proceed with the treatment, the Invisalign aligners are manufactured and supplied to the orthodontist.


Invisalign patients will need to wear the aligners for almost 24 hours a day. The aligners are only removed to eat, clean the teeth and pause on occasions such as swimming and playing sport. If they are not worn 24 hours a day they may not be successful. As an adult, you may be looking to improve your smile for business or social reasons. Invisalign can do this in an almost invisible way.


Invisalign will not position the teeth as well as braces. This is acknowledged by the representatives of Invisalign, but in their words “it produces a vast improvement.”


Aligner systems are very popular world wide, and can be a good cosmetic alternative to braces and other types of treatment.  However not everyone is suited to aligner treatment and they cannot position teeth as well as braces.  If you would like to arrange and appointment to see if the aligner systems can work for you call us on on (02) 4956 2020 or send us an enquiry for a consultation.

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