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Whether you just need a six-month check up, or haven’t been to the dentist in a few years, we will get your dental health back on track so that you can get on living your life with a healthy mouth that doesn’t hold you back.

Check Up and Clean

Often, your first visit to us will be a simple check-up and clean. A check-up allows us to assess the health of your mouth and to see what treatments are necessary. We’ll talk to you about your oral health and discuss how you can best look after your teeth in-between visits.

As part of the check-up, we’ll carry out a thorough clean including a scale and polish that will remove plaque, eliminate stains, and get rid of tartar. From here we may discuss further recommended treatments to improve your dental health and fix other dental issues.

Some of the more common general dentistry services available at our clinic in Newcastle are discussed in further detail below.


Dental crowns are one of the most common ways to restore damaged teeth. A crown works by completely capping – or crowning – a tooth that is damaged beyond other repairs.

It’s used in cases where a filling will not be strong enough to prevent further damage, or as a way to avoid root canal treatment.

A crown offers structural integrity to the tooth and reduces the possibility of further decay. A crown is an excellent way to protect a damaged tooth, but it is not infallible and regular check-ups and cleans are essential to avoid further damage.


Our passionate team at Live Life Smiling are as keen to avoid extractions as you are. Unfortunately, there are times when an extraction is the best option to ensure the health of your mouth.

If teeth are damaged or decayed beyond repair, then there is a risk of the decay or damage going deep into the gum or pulp of the mouth. If this happens, you will experience a lot of pain because of the number of nerve endings in this part of your mouth.

If procedures like root canal treatment are not possible, then your dentist will remove the tooth to avoid further pain and infection.


Fillings are used to combat the damage caused by decay or trauma to the tooth. It works by filling any holes in the teeth to provide a practical chewing surface once more. Fillings can stall the progress of decay and avoid the need for more complex treatment.

The material used for fillings is the best quality for the job and will be a natural colour suiting your natural teeth.

Root Canal

Root canal treatment is used when your dentist needs to repair the inside of the tooth. We use special utensils to access the interior of the tooth and remove the pulp that may be subject to damage or cause pain because of decay.

Once the pulp is removed, the space is filled with an antibacterial substance and sealed to prevent further damage. We will also replace the surface of the tooth or crown if necessary to provide a sound chewing surface.

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