There are a variety of dental procedures that have been improved and simplified with the use of lasers. Root canal therapy is one of them, and our practice is equipped with different lasers to offer you effective results, with increased efficiency,  reduced healing time and less infection.

A root canal treatment is sometimes required if infection inside a tooth has reached the nerves and blood vessels, which means a normal filling is no longer possible. If the tooth isn’t treated, serious infection and significant pain can occur. This infection can cause serious medical problems, sometimes putting people in hospital. If the tooth is to be saved, a root canal treatment is usually required otherwise the tooth will often need to be pulled out – which can cause it’s own problems!

The use of dental lasers or root canal treatment is safer and can be extremely beneficial when considering the results and overall outcomes.  With the assistance of dental lasers, the accuracy of treatments is far more precise.

Root Canal Treatment in Newcastle

If you live in Newcastle or the region and have a painful tooth, please give us a call.  Our Newcastle dentists will give you options and do everything they can to save your smile.