Teeth Whitening

The natural colour of teeth is not necessarily white, but yellow and sometimes even grey; moreover, teeth darken with age and with the build-up of surface stains that come from the consumption of certain drinks (like wine) and foods, or from the use of tobacco.


Even though teeth are not naturally white, whitening one’s teeth has become an increasingly popular procedure. There are two types of whitening that are options for patients: in-office power bleaching and at home teeth whitening trays.


Patients will consult with our dentist to try and address the cause of tooth discolouration because in certain instances, a bleaching treatment will not have the desired effect: for example, the colour of fillings or crowns will not change.

In Office Power Bleaching

A strong hydrogen peroxide is placed on the teeth in a one-hour treatment. A special product is placed to protect the gums. This product is chemically activated and does not require the discomfort of heat, lasers, or bright lights. The whitening will last up to six months unless maintained with an at-home system. This particular treatment may make the teeth sensitive, however we will provide you with special products to reduce any potential sensitivity and ensure you’re totally happy with your newly brightened smile!

At Home Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is a quick and simple process that can be done at home with custom-made whitening trays. These trays are worn for thirty minutes a day for two to three weeks. After the initial two to three weeks of treatment, the trays are then worn for thirty minutes once a month to maintain the whitening effect.


This type of whitening is very gentle on one’s teeth, even if it is tough on stains. This treatment is ideal for those who are largely content with the appearance of their teeth, but would like to see them whiter. The effects will last a significant amount of time, however they are not permanent and you may require periodic bleaching treatments in the months and years afterwards.

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