Custom Mouthguards for Sports

Many teeth are damaged or lost while playing sports. Whilst commercial mouthguards are somewhat effective at protecting your teeth and jaws, they are not as effective as custom-made ones, and certainly not as comfortable!


Here at Live Life Smiling we offer custom mouthguards for superior protection and comfort. These mouth guards are made from the highest quality materials, and custom fit to the shape of your smile. Mouth guards relieve pressure on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and help protect your mouth and jaw from impact.


Your custom fit mouthguard will be comfortable, provide you with maximum protection and could save you from extensive dental treatment, concussion and jaw injuries. A variety of colours are available for you to choose from!


Athletes playing any sport should use a mouthguard to protect their teeth, mouth, and jaw from injury.


As part of our dedication to the prevention of dental sporting injuries we provide custom fitted sports mouthguards to our patients at heavily reduced costs.  We offer light, medium and heavy mouthguards, depending on the sport you play our dentist will recommend the correct strength for you.


If you’re an athlete or potential athlete schedule and appointment for a consultation.


Want a certain look?

If you have a favourite colour or a sporting team logo which you would like incorporated into the mouthguard, speak to our dentist. We can accommodate many designs requests, and can offer team discounts for those who aren’t already patients.

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