As well as having a dazzling smile, maintaining strong and healthy teeth can improve your overall health, ensure comfortable eating, and save you money and time by avoiding the need for expert dental work.

Of course, regular check-ups and professional cleaning with your trusted Newcastle dentist are essential, but between appointments, the way you care for your mouth can make a big difference.

Here are some of our top tips for keeping your smile beautiful, and your teeth in the best condition possible.

Oral hygiene

Brush gently

Scrubbing your teeth vigorously or with a firm toothbrush may damage the enamel or sensitive gums.

Instead, brush twice daily with a soft-bristled brush. Use small circular motions, and make sure to clean each tooth thoroughly, including the inside surface, and all the way down to the gum line.

You should replace your toothbrush every 3 months, or sooner if the bristles begin to look frayed.


Flossing dislodges food and other debris from between the teeth. Floss once a day using a smooth scooping motion, as rough or quick tugging on the floss may injure the gums.

Floss picks are available for people who have orthodontic work, or physical limitations, to make flossing easier.

Add fluoride

Fluoride is proven to strengthen tooth enamel, prevent tooth decay and benefit overall oral health. Studies have shown that tooth decay is higher when an oral hygiene process does not include fluoride.

Most Australian tap water is fluoridated as part of a national government initiative, but you can assist by using toothpaste or mouthwash that also contains fluoride.


Antibacterial ingredients in mouthwash can help reduce the number of germs and bacteria in your mouth, improving oral health and preventing bad breath. Other ingredients may help with stain removal or prevent tooth decay.

Mouthwash should be used once daily, after a thorough brushing and flossing routine. Speak to your dentist for product recommendations.

Lifestyle choices


If you take part in contact or extreme sport, make sure to protect your teeth with a fitted mouthguard. Mouthguards can also ease overnight tooth grinding. Speak to your dentist for the correct style and fit for your needs.

Food and beverages

Products that are highly acidic or sugary can encourage bacteria growth and weaken enamel. This includes foods that many consider healthy, including dried fruit and pickled vegetables.

Some beverages including red wine and coffee can stain tooth enamel.

You don’t have to miss out on your favourite treats of course, but damage can be avoided by using a straw for beverages and brushing your teeth, or at least rinsing with water after eating to reduce contact time.

Food choices that benefit tooth health include dairy products and fresh fruits or vegetables.


Tobacco products lead to staining, bad breath and long-term health impacts.

Mouth ulcers and infections are also more frequent in smokers. While e-cigarettes pose lower oral health risks, eliminating tobacco use entirely is still the safest choice.

Live Life Smiling

Our dentists in Newcastle offers a full range of general and specialist dental care, including orthodontics.

If you have any questions about maintaining a healthy smile, or you’re ready for your next check-up, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.