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Our Specialist Orthodontist team in Newcastle is lead by Dr Peter Vaughan. Dr Vaughan has 30 years experience as an orthodontist, and his results testify to the quality of his work and dedication to achieving the best possible outcomes, without the need to rush appointments.


There is a reason why James Cook University invited Dr Vaughan to fill the position of Associate Professor of Orthodontics in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.

Confidence can be gained with a great smile, and we want to look after your smile throughout your orthodontic treatment and beyond.

Orthodontic Treatments


If braces are the right option for you, we can advise you on the most effective approach.


If you are looking for an alternative to braces the Invisalign orthodontic treatment may be for you.


Are you looking for an alternative to braces? The Orthocaps Aligner System may be for you.


Some patients have jaw size discrepancies that cannot be corrected with braces.

Functional Appliances

Functional appliances are a form of removable appliances or plates.


Expansion is a valuable treatment form, and is often a better alternative to extracting teeth.


Plates are useful if there are few teeth to be moved, or where patients don't want braces.


Extractions are one of the most controversial areas of orthodontics and dentistry.

Habit Correction

Many alignment problems are caused by incorrect habits, for example thumb sucking, an incorrect swallowing action, mouth breathing and others can move the teeth into unfavourable positions.

Monitoring Growth

In the previous generation orthodontic treatment was uncommon, yet most adults have teeth that are very well aligned and look beautiful, although they are not perfect.

Cosmetic Treatments

Everyone these days would like to have white teeth, however white teeth are not natural. Generally teeth are varying shades of cream or grey, and the older you get the creamer your teeth become.


We provide high-quality family dentistry to all of our patients while maintaining a friendly atmosphere for everyone who comes through our doors.

The Orthodontic Team

The Live Life Smiling Team in the office in Newcastle

At Live Life Smiling the working conditions are such that staff have an average of 18 years employment between them. The extended employment terms of our team members is evidence of the favourable work environment and the enjoyment of working together.


The team’s collective knowledge base ensures a quality service to patients and parents.



As part of that passion the team attend continuing education lectures and seminars all over Australia and sometimes internationally to ensure patients get superior clinical and patient care.


Our staff prioritise quality orthodontics and personalised care as the main focus of the day to day activities.

There are some big differences between orthodontists and as prospective patients it is important to understand these differences.

Tips & Tricks

Cleaning Teeth with Braces

How to brush your teeth

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