For one reason or another, going to the dentist tends to be something that many people develop a fear of from childhood into adulthood!

We all know that taking care of our teeth and overall oral hygiene is extremely important, but that doesn’t stop us from being nervous about it!

Here at Live Life Smiling, we are used to welcoming patients that might not have been to see a dentist for a while, and we promise that we don’t judge!

You might be so out of the loop that you have forgotten all the wonderful things that we can do for you when you are in discomfort, or to help stop you from getting to that point altogether.

With that in mind, here are some of the most common procedures that a dentist in Newcastle carries out on a daily basis.


Check Ups

Many people don’t even have to undergo treatment during a visit!

The vast majority of what we do every day involves normal dental check-ups and small cleanings that help to keep your teeth and gums healthy.



Should you happen to have a cavity in one or more of your teeth, then this is rectified by adding a filling.

This is a simple procedure that involves using some local anaesthetic to numb the area so the dentist can remove the decay and insert the filling without causing you any kind of pain.



If it is the colour rather than the integrity of your teeth that you are worried about, then routine whitening treatments can help to change the natural shade of your pearly whites, turning them back into the type of pearly that you are looking for!



If you happen to have a tooth that is beyond repair at this point, then we specialise in creating crown caps that are placed over the damaged tooth in order to restore a natural look and symmetry to your smile.

So, if you think that it is time to make a visit to a dentist in Newcastle, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Live Life Smiling.

We have experience with every kind of patient, and we will make sure that you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible before starting any treatment.

We look forward to hearing from you.